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Northwest LARP Community

by admin last modified Jun 03, 2015 02:31 AM
A site dedicated to finding fellow Live-Action Role-Players, events, and resources for LARPing in the greater Northwest USA and Canada.

If you LARP, and you know of a LARPing group meeting in any area of the Northwest, please let us know so we can add your information to share with everyone else.

This includes western Canada, Alaska, Washington state, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana.

If you would like a resource added to the listing, or corrections made to existing listings, please let us know!

Email: northwestlarp at gmail dot com

Facebook: "Norbest Yarp"




General Resources

Shade's LARP list -

Pacific Northwest LARP ring - (northwest map of LARP events) (live-action war gaming) (society for creative anachronism - "reinactment")

Worldwide LARP map:



 Whitcon, - - -


Here are links to Spokane Area LARP information we have so far:

Grand Duchy of Stormhaven -

Name - URL - Genre(s) - LARP Type(s) - Notes

NameGenre(s)LARP TypeOrg.URL(s)EmailPhoneVenueAddressContact(s)Notes
Grand Duchy of Stormhaven Medieval Boffer? Amtgard


Main Website:


Reference: None Listed Manito Park

1702 South Grand Boulevard,

Spokane, Washington

None Listed

Local chapter of Amtgard

Schedule: ?

Spokane Browncoats Space Western ? ?


Vampire-The Centaurus Conspiracy Vampire Minds Eye Theater Vampire The Masquerade ? 509-822-9752
Griffin Ridge LARP Medieval Youth? Boffer ?

Columbia Basin LARP
Inland Empire Jugger League? ? Jugger? /Boffer? ? More a sport than LARP?
Darkness in Spokane LARPing Group Vampire?


Seattle LARP Resources

NameGenre(s)LARP TypeOrg.URL(s)EmailPhoneVenueAddressContact(s)Notes
Dark Reign Chronicles LARP Vampire

Vampire Masquerade 2nd Edition

+ House Rules Currently "on hiatus"
Dargarth Seattle ? Boffer