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The RPG Trailer Mark 1

by Hawke Robinson published Feb 06, 2017 05:30 PM, last modified Feb 06, 2017 07:22 PM
In October I bit the bullet and purchased the prototype of The Wheelchair Friendly RPG Trailer. Now referred to as the Mark 1 (or Mk I). While it is a great start, it falls short in a number of areas, that the Mk II will eventually address. But at least it is a start. This posting discusses these issues at length.

Most of these issues were discussed on the RPG Research Project Youtube channel:, and on the RPG Research Project Website:, spanning about 2 years, and various postings.

This posting hopes to put all those pieces into one location here, to summarize about the successes, and remaining challenges, of the Wheelchair Friendly RPG Trailer.

How did the idea for the RPG Trailer Come About? 

As I was volunteering at many different locations, a number of recurring issues began to present that eventually lead to the idea of the Wheelchair Friendly RPG Trailer.

In 2004, I was very briefly in a wheelchair due a back injury and prolonged illness. I then went through 5 years of Physical Therapy (PT), while attending EWU, working on an interdisciplinary degree in Recreation Therapy, Music Therapy, Neuroscience, and Research Psychology.

The Therapeutic Recreation / Recreation Therapy (TR / RT) part of the degree had significant requirements for volunteer hours. Working around my injuries, I did the best I could, and volunteered at many locations in many roles, and with many different populations. 

Early in 2004, I realized that role-playing games might be an excellent intervention modality for some populations, and that TR was an excellent fit for this cooperative activity.

In addition to going to libraries, schools, community centers, rehabilitation facilities, hospitals, ranches, officers, and individual's homes, I set up some of my own offices to run gaming groups, including various research projects.

I usually had to pack up many boxes of books into clear plastic Costo-style boxes, many scores of pounds in weight, load them in my SUV, take them to the location, unload the SUV, unpack the boxes for the activities, run the activities, pack up the boxes, load them back in the SUV, bring them back home, and either leave them there, or pack them back on the shelves.

This was very rough on my recovering back and knees, especially when some of the meetings were in offices up flights of stairs, sometimes without a working elevator.

A surprising number of (older) facilities had zero accommodations for people in wheelchairs.

Other facilities, even if they were at least wheelchair accessible, were often uncomfortable environments that were noisy, dirty, too hot, too cold, with uncomfortable seating, bad lighting, etc.


You can read more of the long list of issues addressed by the trailer here:


The Wheelchair Friendly RPG Trailer Mark I




It is really just a prototype, because it is lacking many of the ideal features I want to have to make it as friendly as possible for people using wheelchairs.



The RPG Bus




The Wheelchair Friendly RPG Trailer Mark II






The Wheelchair Friendly RPG Trailer Mark III







The Wheelchair Friendly RPG Trailer Mark IV









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